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Simon Hollingworth

  • Thames Valley
  • Sales & Marketing

Simon Hollingworth helps small to medium sized businesses grow more quickly by enabling them to make the most from their marketing spend. Simon brings broad marketing management expertise from over 20 years developing marketing programs for SMEs. He advises business owners on how to achieve sales and marketing goals using practical and cost-effective strategies within the constraints of a small business marketing budget.

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Business is changing. Effective planning is essential for getting the most from modern marketing and communications. This is true for all companies in every market. But in today’s increasingly complex digital world, SMEs cannot do everything. They must make important choices on the best strategy for communicating with customers and prospects; on the most appropriate methods to deliver maximum impact from the marketing budget. Most SME business owners in the Thames Valley have little formal training in marketing strategy, nor on how to make cost-effective marketing decisions that produce the best results. They often rely on a limited, hands on experience to make daily decisions that have continuing and dampening impact on their business. Choices that could allow them to make new and improved use of marketing tools; decisions for devising, setting up, implementing and using customer marketing database strategies, membership marketing communications and loyalty schemes, etc. Choices that will determine cost-effectiveness, value for money, new and returning customers, increased wallet share, and a satisfactory return on investment for the marketing spend. Contact Simon Hollingworth today to discuss the vision for your business and to explore how Simon can help you attract and retain the business that you need.

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Successful marketing is all about objective management and planning.

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