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About UK Business Advisors ExpertsUK Business Advisors are a national network of senior business people with knowledge, experience and achievements spanning every business sector, we have qualifications gained with leading institutes and business organisations including accreditation with the Institute for Independent Business and various other organisations.

We have helped thousands of businesses achieve their objectives. In addition to general business advice and diagnostics we have organised our business support services into six Expertise categories with the skills to help you – Strategy, Finance, People & Management, Innovation & Technology, Sales & Marketing and Operations. We collaborate locally and nationally to make sure we have the right expertise and skills to support your needs. Put simply – we know what we are talking about!

Strictly ethical and realistic

We operate under a strict code of ethics so you can be sure that all our help and advice will be directed to what you and your business needs, nothing more. Plus, we are realistic and know your time is in short supply so we don’t use jargon, caveats or have lengthy legal terms and conditions.

Achieve your business goals

Every pound you spend with one of our Advisors will move you towards achieving your business goals. UK Business Advisors is UK wide so there will be a Local Group and Expert Advisors near you; Have a look at the profiles of the experts to see just how experienced we are or use a location or skill search to find a local advisor or a national expert.

Give us a call or use the Contact Us form to reach out to us. We will make it easy for you and link you with the right advisor to talk about precisely how we can help you. You will not regret it.

Helping businesses for over 20 Years


What We Do

Help Businesses find the right expert advisors

We have local and national expert advisors. Find them here or Contact Us and we will make it easy for you and link you with the right advisor.

We have a National Organisation with Local Groups

Our Local Groups mean that we have advisors near to most businesses. Of course we can meet via Zoom or phone if more suitable.

We enable our Expert Advisors to be successful

Helping businesses achieve their goals is in our DNA. If you have the skills and experience, Join Us to help support our customers.

Free resources to help you

We have a library of articles and resources with free information and business advice about relevant topics. Speaking directly to one of our Advisors will often be more efficient. See LinkedIn for our posts.

UK Business Advisors Mission and Vision

Our Mission

UK Business Advisors facilitate SME success by solving client problems. We do this by applying our extensive experience together with robust and innovative solutions both as individuals and as a highly collaborative group.

Our Vision

To be the premier UK business advisors of choice leveraging a national network of locally-based business experts who together provide clients with pragmatic and actionable advice and recommendations. Those recommendations and advice, when fully implemented, create considerable added value to their businesses.

Talk with an expert to get advice and guidance

​Use the button below to contact UK Business Advisors to learn how our experts can help you with your business. We will ensure that you are linked with the right local advisor or national expert.