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Business Strategy and Business Planning

Business Strategy and Strategic Planning

Businesses that have a clear business strategy and follow it, usually perform better than those that do not.

The businesses with a clear strategy also tend to be more resilient to shocks and better able to evaluate and take advantage of new opportunities.

Effective communication of the business strategy to staff and business partners is critical to ensure success.

High performing businesses review their strategies and business plans regularly and measure progress and performance so corrective action can be taken where required. . The strategy should align with the company vision or there will be disconnects.

The scope of strategic planning can be from a high-level strategic business plan through to detailed strategies for areas like Products and Services, Customers, Markets, Finances, People, Technology, Production, Business Continuity, Investment, Sales and Marketing, Channel Partners, Succession Planning, Innovation and Research & Development.

UK Business Advisors have extensive experience in helping companies with strategic planning and business strategy. We often help with board level strategic planning reviews where our independence and experience can add significant value. Board level advisory services is a part of what we can offer – this can be in the form of ongoing independent support or working with you for a specific project and all the shades in between. We can act as a Virtual Non Executive Director to facilitate, support and challenge.

Business Strategy and Business Planning

UK Business Advisors have developed review processes to help companies evaluate all aspects of their operations before embarking on business planning. An example is Twenty Twenty Insight, that gives executive management a clear indication of areas for improvement to be incorporated into business planning.

For ambitious companies, mergers and acquisitions can be an important part of the overall growth and value enhancement strategy. It is of course critical to have a clear strategic view of the reasons for considering M&A. It may be to add complimentary products and services to your portfolio, it could be to enter a new geographic market, or potentially to acquire resources or technology that your business requires. It also critical to have a post-acquisition and integration strategy to ensure that the full business benefits and synergies are gained.

For many business owners an exit strategy is extremely important. Where this involves a company sale, owners and directors often leave this process far too late and miss the opportunity to build company value prior to exiting. Typically, the process will take 3 or more years to execute and should be built into strategic thinking before that. Putting out the lights when you are done is not normally a sensible exit strategy! Working with UK Business Advisors will help owners to maximise value, prepare to make themselves dispensable and evaluate the many different types of exit, for example sale to management / staff, sale to trade, and family succession.

Start-ups often benefit from external independent help to ensure the best chance of success. In some cases, the best advice is “don’t do it”. UK Business Advisors are experienced in coaching established and recently started businesses that want to scale up. Smart advice can make significant difference to your success.

UK Business Advisors have specialists that provide support to Charities and 3rd sector organisations that require strategic help. This can take the form of specific advice for a period of change or ongoing coaching to maximise the impact of your organisation.

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