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By Ian Crocombe

There’s a saying ‘practice makes perfect’. It doesn’t.

Practice makes permanent, so what you practice every day across your business really matters.

How you go about prospecting and selling, how you manufacture or provide service to the demands of your customers, how you deal with questions of quality and customer complaints and, perhaps most importantly how you look after and develop people.

There’s another saying:

‘If you always do what you always did, then you always get what you always got’.

If this is true and (with a slight caveat about the external environment remaining stable) I think it is, then how can you afford not to investigate, understand and look to improve what you practice every day?

Whether you’re a business or a charity, the single critical equation and the resulting challenge is the same.

Maximise your income, and make the most of your capacity while minimising your costs by delivering things that delight your employees, volunteers, customers, beneficiaries, or service users.

So, what you practice daily must positively affect one or more parts of that equation or why are you doing it?

Actively challenging your practices makes continually improving the outcomes of that equation a permanent part of your business or charity DNA.

It’s not as difficult or costly to do as you might think.

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