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Are you the subject of an HMRC R&D Tax Relief enquiry?

By Jaime Lumsden

There has been a rash of these enquiries in these last few weeks with a deliberately scary and sometimes perceived as threatening incoming letter demanding detailed explanations of why your claim qualifies, details of how the time of staff and consultants were assessed, evidence of payments made, invoices, statements…the list goes on.

HMRC are currently focused on R & D tax claims made since August 2022 and you will be given typically four weeks to respond.

This is when you urgently need the support of your R&D Tax agent and if they were not competent, or have taken their fee and disappeared, then it is vital that you now seek professional help, before you reply to the HMRC enquiry. A bad or incomplete response may well dig a deeper hole with demands for answers to even more questions, possible subsequent fines or worse still, questions regarding potential fraud.

At UKBA, we have experienced and reputable R&D Tax specialist consultants. Contact us today for an assessment on how best to deal with your enquiry.

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