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Empower your people to grow business (3)

By Ian Crocombe

We know that reducing costs, improving efficiency, effectiveness and productivity, and enhancing the experience of your employees and customers are all proven benefits of continually improving your business.

We also know businesses can be put off by what seems to be a world of jargon and complexity surrounding continuous improvement.

So, as promised, here’s another simple thing you can do to kick-start your improvement journey. As always, it’s practical and low cost. But it will get people involved in the things that will improve their workplace for the better.

Hint 3: Draw what you do.

Every task or interaction performed across your business has a before, during and after. So, decide where you want your picture to start/finish and then create a simple drawing of what you do.

You don’t need detailed or complex process mapping technology for a first pass that’ll open:

  • a world of ideas
  • opportunities to improve
  • duplicated actions you can remove
  • points of failure to correct
  • and, most importantly, identify where what you do makes a real difference to your customers.

Easy and practical, and there are loads more tips to come!

Remember, UK Business Advisors are here to help get your improvement activities started. Coaching, teaching and demonstrating – yep, we do all that.

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