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A growth secret for a business improvement culture (2)

By Ian Crocombe

Business Improvement growth secret

Reducing costs, improving efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity, and enhancing the experience of your employees and customers. All good business improvement stuff that comes from regularly and relentlessly being better at what you do and how you do it.

In my previous post, I introduced the first of some easy things you can do to start your continuous business improvement journey – invest in a notebook!

My second hint continues the practical, costs pretty much nowt and gets people involved – themes that’ll make your workplace a better place.

So, what’s next for businees improvement?

Well, the thing is that most people love to chat. They’ll happily share experiences good and bad. You know what it’s like:

  • how long they had to wait for something
  • a problem resolved (or not)
  • a product that’s worked well (or not)
  • a person who was amazingly helpful (or not).

So why not encourage people to chat? Colleagues, customers and anyone who’s interacted with your business will have information that’s useful to you. And it’s for free.

You just have to create an environment for folk to chat, then reflect on what you’ve heard, investigate, and improve by putting things in place to make things better.

Hint #2 is Chat and listen.

Easy and practical! And there are loads more business improvement tips to come!

Remember, UK Business Advisors are here to help get your improvement activities started. Coaching, teaching and demonstrating – yep, we do all that.

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