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Jaime Lumsden

  • Midlands and East Anglia
  • Finance

Jaime specialises in tax reducing services both for corporate and personal Clients. His expertise is in preparing Research and Development Tax Relief qualifying claims and in Capital Allowances for Property Embedded Fixtures and Fittings.

From graduate R&D electronics engineer in Ferranti Scotland, through international Sales and Marketing with Racal, then high value Project Management with STC, and on to Managing Director of a substantial manufacturing high-technology plc. From selling computers to Accountants in just three streets within Edinburgh City centre with British Olivetti, to directly managing French, German and Italian subsidiary companies with Plessey, through to having responsibility for some 800 staff, located in 46 countries.

Jaime assists Client Accountants to submit tax reducing Research and Development claims and also prepares claims for Capital Allowances, submitting tax reducing capital allowances for property embedded fixtures and fittings.

Jaime offers the acute analytical skills, drive, business savvy and professional expertise that comes from four decades of training and experience, developed within Blue Chip organisations including the big UK defence quartet of Plessey, Ferranti, Racal and Standard Telephone & Cable.

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