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Turnaround and Restructuring

UK Business Advisors provides expert support to businesses locally and nationally

A group of advisors within UKBA who specialise in helping SME’s to turnaround businesses when profits are on the slide or losses are increasing.​

UK Business Advisors provides support to businesses locally and nationally. Regardless of where you are located just contact us and a local advisor will get back to you. All local advisors can access the full range of expertise from our national network of advisors to ensure that you get the support you need.

Running a business can be very lonely and it is always good to have access to good quality advice when problems occur. If you have HR issues or IT issues you would not hesitate to go to a specialist yet finance issues are something many businesses seem quite happy to try an muddle through themselves and if things get really bad thy might eventually talk to their accountant or go directly to an Insolvency Practitioner.

Often (though not always), by then it is too late yet an earlier intervention by people with the right skills can make a difference and turn a negative situation into a positive one by bringing to bear a group of specialists who have the background and experience to be able to work with you to turn things around with the existing structures in place or if these are not working to restructure the business to bring it back to profitability and a chance to expand.

Our team cover a skill set right across the business spectrum and have access to further skills that can be brought in to tackle specific problems. All of us a have either successfully run our own businesses or have had senior positions in professional firms or industry and commerce and have faced and dealt with many of the problems you are now facing. Like every consultant throughout UKBA our initial meeting is always free so why not get in touch now and make the difficult decisions that bit easier.

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