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Gordon Carmichael - Business Strategy

  • London and South East
  • Finance
  • Strategy

Gordon is an experienced advisor and business strategy consultant specialising in business planning, management consulting, and business advisory services. He works closely with business owners and directors who are committed to achieving exceptional results for their businesses.

With a diverse background managing successful businesses ranging from small startups to large enterprises worth up to £250m, Gordon brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Does your business need support with business strategy or developing a successful business plan?

What sets Gordon apart is his independent thinking and unbiased approach, allowing him to provide objective guidance tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Financially literate and well-versed in modern marketing, people dynamics, and technological advancements, he understands the key elements necessary for business consulting, business strategy, effectively creating a business plan and business advice.

Drawing on his practical General Management know-how and strategy consulting experience, Gordon assists directors and owners in designing winning strategies and executing transformation programs that drive business development, profitability, cash flow, operational excellence, and customer satisfaction.

For those looking to elevate their business to the next level, Gordon offers the expertise of a Virtual Non-Executive Director. Discover how his guidance can turbocharge your business and unlock its full potential.

Gordon works with a wide range of businesses, including start-ups, high-growth technology companies, and ambitious established enterprises seeking profitable growth and exit planning.

If your business could benefit from a strategy review, Gordon can conduct a focused one-off session to extract key action points for success or collaborate with you to develop and implement a comprehensive strategic plan.

In addition, Gordon specialises in helping companies prepare successful Research and Development Tax Credit claims, providing technical justifications that secure refunds from HMRC. Don’t miss out on potential R&D tax benefits for your business.

Gordon proudly serves as the Chief Executive of UK Business Advisors Ltd, a leading consultancy firm dedicated to driving business success for SMEs through strategic planning, business management consulting, and business advisory services.

Contact Gordon now if you need help with your business strategy or need advice on solving your business challenges.

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