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Brexit – Let’s face it!

By Mike Pill

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With Brexit dominating headlines, the importance of having the best leadership team, who will be able to derive and implement strategy to steer a company or organisation through change and uncertainty is of paramount importance. Deal or no deal will have a significant impact on our entire economy which executives and managers will have to address. No deal will certainly not mean no action required, in fact it most certainly will mean the opposite. The outcome may be viewed as providing significant opportunity and or challenge which will impact on all sectors of the economy and all commercial functionality whether it be sales, marketing, engineering, research. manufacturing, logistics, IT, human resources, finance or legal.


Uncertainty must be addressed and not be allowed as an excuse for inaction; contingency planning is necessary. We are fortunate in having a fabulous pool of talent, skills and experience in the UK; a significant proportion of which is currently underutilised. This is indeed the moment to invest in our commercial leadership and work force to ready our teams to face up to the challenge and win through.


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