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Vikram Kamerkar

  • South West
  • Finance
  • People & Management (HR)

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultancy.

Vikram leads Diversity, Equity and Inclusion consultancy services for Sigma Polaris, a Digital HR software company. The aim is to help progressive organisations move the DEI needle forwards by helping them realise the Power Of Differences. The approach to embedding the Power of Differences is grounded in both established and new academic research that is designed and delivered by a knowledgeable and talented team.

Via Minerva Lifelong Learning, Vikram offers bespoke learning programmes that are short, interactive and sticky. For example, a time management programme that is in two ninety-minute sessions with no PowerPoint slides delivered two weeks apart, with experiential on-the-job learning in between.

Vikram is a formers accountant with over 20 years experience managing global teams in Financial Services companies in the city.

He loves developing new and original ideas and linking concepts together to create something unique  – he was recognised for this when he was a finalist for ‘Management Consultant of the Year’ in 2025. His other love is developing people for success and has won multiple awards from EY and Intel for his work in developing people.

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