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Small Business Coaching Helps Clients Discover Themselves

By Bob Lewis-Basson

Love him or hate him, American entrepreneur and life coach Tony Robbins is the founder of several companies that now earn billions of dollars every year. He is one of the most successful life coaches of the modern era, helping clients discover themselves. He helps them truly understand who they are in all their strengths and weaknesses.

That is the essence of small business coaching. As a coach myself, a big part of my job is to help clients get to know themselves better so that they can take advantage of their strengths and work on improving their weaknesses. My formula isn’t magic. I do the same things other successful business coaching services do.

Business Insider recently published the transcript of a one-on-one coaching session Robbins had with one of the winners of the annual Shopify Build a Bigger Business competition. We can learn some lessons from the session.

Lesson #1: Complexity Inhibits Implementation

One of the very first lessons Robbins offered Lively’s Michelle Cordeiro Grant is one that is easy to overlook: complexity often inhibits implementation of a person’s plans. Robbins went so far as to say that “complexity is the enemy of execution.” How true that is.

The more complex your plans are, the more difficult they will be for your staff to implement. One of the best things you can do to promote your own success is to keep things simple.

Lesson #2: Drive and Hunger Are Big

Robbins made it clear that he did not at all doubt Grant’s skills and ability to succeed. But he also made it clear that what would propel her to success would be her hunger and drive. He explained that even if Grant was unaware of her own skills and abilities, her passion would ultimately help her figure it out. I cannot argue with that.

Lesson #3: Enjoyment Is a Big Part of Success

You can build the most successful business in history. If you are miserable doing so, what would be the point? All the wealth you could derive from that business has limited value. And when you die, it will not help you. One of the things Robbins seeks to accomplish in his own business coaching services is to help clients figure out ways to both succeed in business and enjoy life simultaneously.

Lesson #4: Leaving the Client to Figure It Out

Great small business coaches don’t explain everything to clients in detail. They point clients in the right direction and then lead them through a process of figuring things out themselves. Coaching this way allows clients to truly discover who they are – including the fact that they innately know what needs to be done. They just need someone to help them draw out what they already know inside.

Small business coaching is my life and my business. If I can help you discover who you are along with your ability to succeed, I would be honoured to do so. Let’s talk.


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By Peter Smith.

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