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Mergers and Acquisitions are difficult – Get the right support

By Russell Pope

@UKBA, business advisors have been instrumental in countless company mergers and acquisitions (M&As) over the years. Our finance specialists can support the M&A process by:

  • Rigorously analysing the financials of your existing company and the firm you wish to acquire to ensure the numbers make sense in terms of your growth strategy
  • Exploring the tax implications of the acquisition
  • Navigating the various regulatory requirements that may apply to the transaction
  • Modelling and evaluating business valuations
  • Co-ordinating due diligence reviews
  • Structuring finance packages and finding suitable financing options where necessary
  • Carrying out full acquisition accounting
  • Conducting non-financial due diligence

Before you bring us on board, it’s important you have a good understanding of the steps involved in acquiring a new business, and the work you’ll need to do to ensure the purchase goes to plan.

Every acquisition is different.

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