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UK Business Advisors provides expert support to businesses locally and nationally

UK Business Advisors in the Northern Region

We are highly experienced business advisors that specialise in providing expert support to SME’s & business owners across the North of England.

UK Business Advisors provides support to businesses locally and nationally. Regardless of where you are located just contact us and a local advisor will get back to you. All local advisors can access the full range of expertise from our national network of advisors to ensure that you get the support you need.

About This Region

We own and run businesses just like you so we know the challenges and problems that you face.

So, whether you:

• Are struggling with cash flow
• Need to increase sales & identify new markets
• Need to reduce costs & manage supply base
• Need to improve your productivity
• Want to invest in new technology but don’t know how to access funding
• Looking to retire and trying to find the best way to sell the business?
• Struggling to develop a better business strategy

This is where UKBA Northern Group can help so contact us now.

The initial assessment is FREE and you are under no obligation.

We possess the practical skills and expertise to make a tangible and measurable difference to your business.

SME’s across Northern England have utilised our expertise to grow their businesses by developing new markets. Improve productivity from investing in new equipment, supported by local grants. Managed ISO accreditations to help secure new contracts. We’ve reduced the costs of external products & services, improved web sites to generate more business, secured and managed exit strategies and helped them manage staff relationships.

The list is endless, so…

Contact us now and let’s start to grow your business

Local Advisors

The Northern region provides local support to businesses in Cumbria, Northumberland, Cheshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Yorkshire, Humberside, Durham and North Wales.

Remember that we have advisors and experts locally and nationally so we can help wherever you are located.

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    Expertise & Skills

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