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Neil Grime

  • Northern
  • Turnaround and Restructuring
  • Operations

Demands on you are high & time is a constant restriction on what you know you need and would like to achieve. Internal resources are stretched & staff often have to manage tasks additional to their core responsibility. Managing costs is important but other tasks and issues take over and it is frustrating when you do not have the resources to be able to manage it internally.

Not reviewing your costs regularly & thoroughly means you will fall behind the market, obtain poor value for money and basically incur higher costs than you should. That is lost profit you could invest back into the business & generate further growth.

In addition, over time the number of supplier’s increases thereby perpetuating the drain on your already limited resources & diluting what little purchasing leverage you have.

I help you to resolve these problems and allow you to focus on your core tasks.

An established and proven approach is used to take into account your bespoke requirements. All improvements are fully implemented and actual reductions achieved reported for a minimum of 12 months.

Quantified reductions have been delivered for every client since 2004 and on average reductions of 23% have been achieved. It is important to understand that virtually 50% of all delivered solutions have been achieved with no change in supplier

Stop trying to manage on your own & celebrate with reduced overheads & improved profit to keep your business moving forward. Contact me now and start to maximise your value for money.

Specialities: Cost Reduction, Benchmarking, Procurement, Negotiation, Contract Management, Outsourcing / Make or Buy

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