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Ensuring UK economic growth can survive the next global downturn….

By Lauren

Employment in the UK at a record high. The UK economy seen as a shining star. Confidence in Germany, one of our main competitors under question.

So, what could go wrong? Quite a lot really.

International commentators are warning of another credit squeeze and business downturn. China has become a business mainstay for many Western nations, and a hiccup here can bring major repercussions.

It is time the Western World reduced its dependence on China.

What can small companies do to ensure the UK rides out future world market and trade downturns?

Well it is up to UK companies to get as big a slice of the International pie as we can, in short, export more. And it needs to be done NOW, not tomorrow!

Imagine the effect on employment, the economy, and the stability of UK companies big and small if just 50% of them could increase exports by just 10%.

So, how do we go about this? For those already exporting, perhaps strategies for export are well defined. Selling more through existing channels, and selling through new channels, or into new markets is key. Stating the obvious!

For those who have no export experience, it can be a daunting hurdle. Where, how, who with….. all questions that come to mind.

So why not chat through your growth plans with an experienced and unbiassed advisor? Someone who can view your challenges with no prejudices, and maybe ask the difficult questions upfront before you commit to a sector.

Note: This article was written in 2015 and the world dynamics and geopolitics have further developed.

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