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William Burleigh

  • London and South East
  • Operations
  • Strategy

William is an experienced Strategy and Operations Consultant, who helps client organisations to solve business problems and to increase their profitability. Whether you are looking to grow revenues, reduce costs, or both, William is a financially savvy business advisor. He is also experienced at helping clients to realise their most critical business objectives.

By providing owners and directors with an independent and unbiased evaluation of their organisations, he aims to focus on key actionable areas that will bring tangible gains. He is also well practised in helping key decision makers that sense a need for clearer strategic thinking, but who often lack time outside of their day-to-day business activities to enable this to happen.

With an ability to understand the holistic context of a business, and driven towards continuous improvement, he also considers how initiatives can be delivered whilst aligning them with other areas of a business. This often means that they can be implemented more efficiently and effectively.

William offers business advice through facilitating strategic workshops and/or by delivering a consultancy project. Projects are carefully managed to deliver a specific need(s) for the client organisation. He specialises in the following strategic areas,

Strategic Evaluation
Strategic Planning
Aligning business Operations with Marketing
Marketing Strategy
Financial Strategy
M&A Strategy

William’s commitment to achieving operational excellence includes,

ISO accreditations and quality standards
Quality management
Productivity improvement and Outsourcing
Technology Solutions (including scoping and requirements, architectural design, vendor selection)
Benchmarking and Cost reduction
Project and Process Management
Gap analysis

William also helps clients to review government support for SME’s and claims for R+D tax credits.

With an MBA, as well as Prince2 Project Management and Agile Practitioner certifications, William is both qualified and experienced to make a positive impact on your business.

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