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Richard Wickes

  • London and South East
  • Operations
  • Sales & Marketing

Richard works with a range of businesses providing advice and mentoring using the experience gained from founding and running two successful IT businesses over a 25 year period.

Richard helps new businesses to start and existing businesses to resolve any problems and to grow. At the other end of the cycle, he can help business owners maximise the return when they decide to sell. He also helps turn round businesses that are in financial or other difficulties.

Additionally he works with overseas businesses or Tier 1 visa holders helping them set up their UK operations.

Very often a client is looking to resolve a specific issue rather than for general advice.  If this is the case Richard works with the client to establish exactly what the need is. (The most common requests are for improved marketing; fund-raising; recruitment, and relocation). He then uses his network to find the right expert for the particular requirement.  In these circumstance, the client is not charged directly. Instead, Richard’s payment comes from a proportion of the fees charged by the person who supplies the service.

Richard is expert at establishing what the real requirements of a business are, and identifying the underlying causes of any problems.  He is then able to establish the best way of overcoming these and helping the company to grow, bringing in skills from appropriate specialists where needed.

He has owned and run his own businesses, so has detailed experience of all the most important elements of company management.  He understands the relative importance of revenue, profit and cash; and how to monitor and control all three.

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