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Peter Smith

  • Thames Valley
  • People & Management (HR)
  • Sales & Marketing

Hello I am Peter and I have been helping business owners of small and medium businesses since 2005. If you are a business owner or CEO that would like things to be better in your business then I can help. If you are ambitious and would like to grow your business by over 20% year on year then I can help you make it happen. If you have a business problem that is keeping you awake at night then we can solve it together.

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Just to introduce myself a little more, here is a short video to give you the picture – pun intended.

Strategic Planning and Modelling; Business Coaching,

You may be a business owner or CEO who needs someone to help you to “Bridge the Gap” between where your business is at the moment and where you would like your business to be in the future. You may be an ambitious business owner or manager who would like to build your businesses by at least 20% year on year for the next 3 to 4 years. In some cases, you may have specific problems which are costing your businesses money or cash flow and which you need to have solved. You will have no financial risk as I provide a 100% money back guarantee against the business failing to reach the agreed targets.

How we help

Customer Retention

Business growth is fuelled by good customer retention.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Business Planning is about lifting your head up from day to day issues to planning for the longer term.

Business Modelling

By carefully modelling a business it is possible to ensure that the business continues to wrk even when xternal influences work against the organisation.

Many Business Owners and Managers Have Similar Issues to Resolve

When businesses start or new products are launched customer take up is initially slow in most cases giving cause for concern until growth “takes off”.  When and if “take-off” occurs other problems arise including cash flow issues and resource issues.

When businesses are mature they sometimes lack innovation to keep the products and team fresh and customers engaged.  Sometimes the employees lack engagement and motivation.

1  New Business or New Product fails to “Take off”

2  New Business or New Product “takes off”causing cash flow issues.

3  New Business or New Product “takes off”causing resourcing issues.

4  New Business or New Product “takes off”causing manager overload.

5  The business is struggling to grow.

6  A significant proportion of the employees lack engagement.

7  The owner doesn’t have an exit strategy

8  There is an ageing team that needs refreshing

9  Markets are changing more quickly than the business can react

10  The business lacks capital for expansion.

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