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Nigel Garner

  • Midlands and East Anglia
  • Innovation & Technology
  • Sales & Marketing

Nigel is a highly experienced digital transformation and ecommerce expert with extensive experience in improving online conversion rates, average order values and customer retention.  With a background in large scale industry (formerly Head of Ecommerce at HSBC, and design lead on digital transformation for a UK utility company), Nigel now focuses on the SME market, helping smaller enterprises understand and improve their online ROI and growth strategies.

Nigel has worked with SMEs across a range of sectors including charities, online retailing, manufacturing, engineering, and certain service industries, including web design agencies (mainly to provide key expertise and advice).

He works with scale-ups and growth companies and has a keen interest in innovation grant commercialisation projects. Nigel specialises in defining your ecommerce strategies and goals, then optimising your website and/or mobile application design and content to help you convert more sales, leads and cost savings from your website or app.

The focus is on your business goals, analysis of data (not opinion or gut feeling) and on customer/user experience to increase the profitability of your business.

With over 20 years’ experience of managing and optimising large ecommerce websites, mobile apps, software and products Nigel has the track record to help you to achieve greater financial success.

His expertise in International Trade is also now vitally important in ecommerce strategies, due to Brexit and the additional challenges being faced by businesses regarding terms of trade, additional charges and extended delivery timescales when dealing with EU customers.

Nigel is also a non-executive director of strongly growing language and translation services business.

Specialities: Ecommerce specialist, Digital strategy and transformation, Website and mobile app design consultant, Search Engine Optimisation consultant (introduced SEO into the UK financial industry in 2002), Digital marketing and content, Copy writing, Lead generation.

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