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Gavin McWhirter

  • London and South East
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Strategy

Gavin has 15 years experience of supporting the growth of Entrepreneurial SMEs, including a decade working with hundreds of Irish tech companies on their UK expansion plans.

Gavin’s strong track record contributed to him recently being invited to lead the development and implementation of a multi-sector programme focused on supporting a cohort of SMEs to scale-up their businesses, helping them to refine their business propositions and operational models – enabling them to accelerate their growth rates. This project will continue through 2019.

Experience is not limited to SME’s, having also worked on assignments and contracts with PLCs and Public Sector bodies, including The Department of Health, the Office of Rail and Road, Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust and East Sussex County Council. However, his passion is SMEs, providing practical advice and working collaboratively with teams to develop and implement effective solutions.

Gavin provides small and medium sized companies with sales and market planning services, working with leadership teams to develop growth oriented sales and marketing plans; refining customer value propositions; and providing market research services.

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