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David Garvie

  • Scotland
  • Innovation & Technology

An IT and Software Development Specialist, working with SMEs to help them ensure they have the most appropriate IT solutions for their business.

David has had a long career in the IT and software world, working in a wide range of company types, from large multinational corporations to small start-up companies. His particular strength lies in ‘making things happen’ – by implementing the appropriate practical strategy alongside the most effective level of structured process in order to improve business or project performance.

David now assists independent businesses across a wide range of sectors. He devises and helps to implement strategies and processes which make a tangible difference to the business’s objectives. He is able to advise on matters such as ‘on-premise’ vs ‘cloud’ technology, cyber security, IT Support, selecting suitable business software, choosing suitable IT providers, etc.

David currently combines working with SMEs with running his own IT Support and Software Development business, which ensures his feet always stay grounded in the practical realities of running a business.

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