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5 Vital Services Corporate Business Brokers Provide

By Tim Luscombe

Corporate business brokers are vital to selling businesses all across the UK. For the record, a corporate business broker is not necessarily an M&A consultant per se, but the two disciplines are often intertwined. As such, I provide a full range of services covering everything from simple purchase transactions to complex mergers and acquisitions.

Business owners looking to sell may be told that working with a business broker is not for everyone. That is true, but only to a limited extent. Corporate business brokers exist to protect the rights of clients and to ensure transactions go smoothly. We provide services that solicitors and property agents do not provide.

If you are looking to sell your company, I encourage you to consider the following five services corporate business brokers provide – before you decide if working with one is right for you:

1. Seller Protection

You might be a business owner looking to sell your first business. Rest assured that while you have no experience in this area, the organisation that eventually buys your business has probably bought multiple companies. That organisation has time and experience on their side. You can bet they will do everything they can to protect their interests. You need someone to protect your interests.

2. Buyer Searches

Not every buyer is a good fit. Some buyers are stronger than others in terms of their financial resources, their intentions after acquiring your company, and their ability to follow through on the transaction. A good corporate business broker can help you find and create an excellent pool of potential buyers. Without such a service you might be tempted to sell to the first buyer who comes along.

3. Business Marketing

Finding the right buyer is often a matter of marketing correctly. As such, business marketing is another vital service provided by brokers. We know how to make your business appealing to the kinds of buyers you are looking for.

4. Business Valuation

Next, you may not know what your business is worth even as you are considering a sale. Not knowing business value is an open door to accepting a price that is far too low. Brokers like me have access to both data and years of experience that give us a good idea of what your company is worth on the current market. We will help you get the best possible price.

5. Transactional Management

The entire process of selling a business is terribly complex. Selling involves a whole host of components including marketing, negotiating, and closing the deal. One of the most vital services brokers provide is that of guiding sellers through the process from start to finish. A good business broker is a lot like a Himalayan mountain guide. He gets you to the summit and keeps you safe.

Are you planning to sell your business in the future? Let’s talk. My experience as a corporate business broker is just what you need to complete a successful
and profitable transaction.

By Tim Luscombe.

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