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3 Reasons to Embrace Small Business Coaching

By Peter Smith

I am a professional business coach who has worked with business owners and executives of all kinds. I take great pride in a kind of small business coaching that seeks to identify individual needs so that individualised solutions can be developed. I do not believe in the typical one-size-fits-all approach to coaching.

How about you? As a business owner or executive, do you feel as though you have fallen flat? Are you struggling to establish objectives or reach your goals? If so, you might be a good candidate for small business coaching. I would really appreciate the opportunity to sit down and speak with you.

If you have been thinking about hiring a small business coach but you are not sure, here are three reasons I believe embracing small business coaching is worth it for businesses of all sizes:

1. The Third-Party Perspective

Every business owner and executive is prone to developing tunnel vision. In other words, we get so focused on those long-term goals and objectives that we fail to see the evolution of business in the here and now. And because we fail to see that evolution, we also fail to adjust our goals and priorities accordingly.

A professional business coach offers a third-party perspective that is outside the boundaries of what you do. That perspective can prove invaluable in helping you see the changes going on all around you. And when you see those changes, you are better able to refocus on what’s important. This takes us directly into the second point.

2. Coaching Helps Leaders Focus

Just like coaching a football team helps players focus on what they need to do to win, small business coaching helps business leaders refocus on what is really important. A way to illustrate this is to talk about KPIs. Key performance indicators are to business what statistics are to football.

Not all statistics are relevant to a football coach’s strategy. In fact, a lot of statistics in football exist only to entertain fans. Unfortunately, KPIs in business are much the same way. A lot of them are absolutely meaningless. Good small business coaching helps owners and executives figure out what KPIs are truly important, then focuses on them. The irrelevant ones are discarded.

3. Coaching Values Small Gains

This last reason for embracing small business coaching may be the most important. Unlike business experts who spend their time writing for major news outlets, professional business coaches value small gains. A good coach certainly recognises the value of the big picture and long-range goals. But he or she also understands that those bigger goals will never be achieved without first achieving smaller, short term goals. Therefore, we business coaches value small gains. We teach our clients to value them as well.

If you are interested in working with a professional business coach, I would be more than happy to work with you. Let’s sit down and talk about what you and your business need.

By Peter Smith.

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