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Is Oracle Move a Harbinger of Things to Come?

By Bob Lewis-Basson

Members of Oracle’s hardware support team across Europe are looking nervously to the future after learning the company plans to transfer all its operations to Romania. Oracle explained the move as a cost-cutting measure as it seeks to consolidate hardware support in a single location. Could the company’s decision be a harbinger of things to come across all business IT support services?

The Register reported on 12 September that Oracle will be shifting enough work to Romania to jeopardise hundreds of jobs elsewhere in Europe. They went on to say that Oracle will be gradually migrating operations to Romania one country at a time.

Current estimates suggest that just under 300 people could lose their jobs as a result of the move. The Register estimates 77 jobs lost in Germany, 67 in Spain, 55 in France, and 53 in the UK. A smaller number of jobs located elsewhere in Europe may be at risk as well.

Remote Support Is More Efficient

If Oracle’s move is a sign of the times, we could be looking at one of the natural results of better remote support. Where face-to-face business IT support services have long dominated our industry, faster internet access and better VPN technology and remote desktop access are making it easier to provide support remotely to nearly any location in the world.

The result is that companies like Oracle discover they can save money by consolidating IT support services in a central location. When the decision to consolidate is actually made, companies seek out locations with an ample workforce and lower employment costs. Romania apparently fits the bill for Oracle.

What It Means for Small Business

Oracle’s decision to move hardware support to Romania will primarily affect its own operations. To the extent that it affects clients remains to be seen, but there are other options for business IT support services for small businesses who want more face-to-face interaction.

Freelance IT experts and consultants like me are standing by to provide IT support for small business. We are not directly affected by consolidation decisions among big companies like Oracle, and any indirect effects such decisions would have on our operations would be minimal at best.

It is unfortunate that so many IT support workers will lose their jobs at Oracle. But both time and technology press on, and downsizing and redundancy are a normal part of the process. We are all fortunate that freelance experts are readily available to provide the IT support for small business that keeps the UK working.

If your company is in need of small business IT support services, I invite you to contact me to learn more about how I can be of service. I am an expert in network security, software enhancements, network audits, Cat 5/6 network cabling, wi-fi, printer support, and more. My commitment to clients is one of providing reliable and knowledgeable IT support in both the short and long terms.


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By Bob Lewis-Basson.

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