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5 Reasons Small Businesses Outsource IT Services

By Bob Lewis-Basson

IT support for small business is big business in the internet age. Because IT now plays a role in just about everything we do in the business setting, smaller companies cannot afford to have IT departments that don’t keep up. Growing numbers of small business owners are turning to outsourcing partners to provide the IT services they need.

As an expert in small business IT support services, I can offer a lengthy list of reasons for outsourcing IT services to companies like mine. The top five are explained below. If you are a small business owner finding it difficult to keep up with IT, I would be more than happy to discuss how my services can benefit your business.

1. IT Expertise

First and foremost is the expertise companies like mine bring to the table. Regardless of what your small business does, you are experts in your field. You are not experts in IT. Why go through the headaches of trying to maintain a crack IT staff when you could better invest your time and resources in serving your customers? Let me and my team handle everything IT for you. This is what we do, and we do it extremely well.

2. Reduced Costs

Third-party IT support for small business almost always saves the customer money. When companies outsource, they do not pay IT staff salary and benefits. They simply pay for the service and nothing more. A business willing to outsource everything IT also does not pay for hardware and software. The service provider handles that.

3. Better Use of Resources

Running an in-house IT department requires some of a company’s resources to be devoted entirely to it. Those resources include time, money, and support. All those resources could be better used to serving the company’s customers. Again, outsourcing IT to a company like ours frees up those resources. Customers rely on us to ensure that their IT needs are always met with very little effort on their part.

4. Greater IT Flexibility

IT changes rapidly in the modern era. When IT is handled in-house, a small business may not have the flexibility to respond to changes instantly. In fact, businesses often lag far enough behind to harm themselves. A professional IT support organisation like ours maintains flexibility and scalability at all times. Because IT is all that we do, we can meet the challenges of a changing environment in real time. This gives our clients more flexibility in meeting changing technology needs.

5. Cutting-Edge Technology

Last but not least, professional small business IT support services keep a small business on the cutting edge of technology. The days of falling behind with legacy systems are long gone, both from the hardware and software standpoints.

Is your company still handling IT in-house? If so, I would personally like to talk with you. It is quite possible that an outsourced solution would better serve your small business IT needs at a lower cost than you thought.

By Bob Lewis-Basson.

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