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What Kind of Commercial Property Advice Are You Getting?

By John Parkinson

Buying and developing a new commercial property is no small undertaking. We recommend working with a commercial property advisor specifically for that reason. Between the practical aspects to legal and regulatory requirements, there is a lot to know about acquiring commercial property before a purchase is ever made.

That leads to a question: what kind of commercial property advice are you getting? Any advice you have already received has hopefully been helpful in your search for property throughout London, the Thames Valley, and the South East in general. As a commercial property advisor, I can assist you in multiple ways, including:

commercial property relocation

property negotiations and acquisition

planning and construction processes

property development design.

It’s All about You

My staff and I bring decades of experience in property development and construction to the table on behalf of our clients. Over the years, we have come to understand that commercial property acquisition and development is by no means a generic process that can be applied the same way to every client. It is all about the individual client. It’s all about you.

One of the first things we do is make a point of fully identifying a client’s needs. We may work with one client determined to transform a brownfield site into a profitable retail centre, and another looking to relocate from existing facilities into something larger. Everything we do is based on the distinct needs of the client. This includes the commercial property advice we offer.

In my years as a commercial property advisor, I have seen first-hand what can happen when advice is not tailored to need. For example, generic advice can be easily misapplied without taking into account certain circumstances or details that would otherwise solicit different advice. Clients can find themselves facing financial or regulatory obstacles because the advice proffered was not appropriate to their circumstances.

Experience, Knowledge, and a Proven Track Record

We believe commercial property advice is imperative for success. Again, acquiring and developing commercial property is no small undertaking. It is infinitely more complicated than buying residential property; it is exponentially more expensive; it is subject to a lengthy list of local and national regulations that can leave the most experienced operations bewildered. What’s needed is a commercial property advisor with years of experience, a wealth of knowledge, and a proven track record.

Again, I want to personally ask you about the kind of advice you are getting. If you have any concerns that you might not be getting the best advice possible, I invite you to contact me and my staff.

We work on all sorts of commercial design and build projects ranging from industrial to commercial to retail. We can offer full project management or focus just on key areas like architectural services and structural engineering. Never forget that the advice you receive will play a vital role in how you proceed. Make sure that your commercial property advisor is up to the task.

By John Parkinson.

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