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What can Small Busines do to help UK Balance of Payments?

By Lauren

The UK Balance of Payments is a sorry story.

In short, we buy much more stuff from overseas than we sell overseas, and have done for many years.

Some items, such as raw materials, and highly specific components we have little choice other than to import. But other decisions we do have a choice. For example, deliberating whether to get an Audi or BMW as your next company car? Why not consider a Jaguar?

Simple purchasing decisions can make a difference, and the greater prosperity we create in our own market the better, and the more likely there is stability in terms of taxation.

Clearly International trade is very important. Both Imports and Exports have a vital part to play in our economy.

So, what can the export orientated small business do to help rebalance our imports/exports? If all exporters grew their overseas sales by 20% it would make a great difference. Very easily said, but often difficult to achieve.

Many companies sell their products through distributors. A sensible and potentially lucrative route for many companies.

I have spoken to many business owners who have said : “We operate overseas through distributors, but they dont do much”. I generally counter this with “Well, what is your strategy with your distributors?” The response is usually highly dismissive, in other words, they have no strategy for distributors.

So, where does the fault for lack of Distributor sales fall? Of course each case is different.

Simple Distributor programmes of reporting, educating, and generally communicating success stories can reap great rewards. All of a sudden the 20% growth in overseas sales can look very achievable.

If you feel your overseas distributors can deliver more to your sales turnover, but not sure where to go, contact us using the link below.

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