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Thames Valley – International HQ for Global Tech

By David Orren

Technology is a global market

In order to serve a global market, tech sector businesses need to locate their headquarters where they have access to the resources needed to compete on an international level. And given the pace of change in technology markets, tech firms need facilities that allow for rapid expansion. 

London is a key market, but that does not make it an ideal location for a company headquarters. Office space is expensive, and opportunities for expansion are more limited. Because London housing is expensive, so salaries are corespondingly much higher. Finally, London’s congestion makes it difficult for workers and customers to get in to London to visit a headquarters building.

The Thames Valley a Better Opportunity

London is probably the best option for companies in the financial services sector. Outside of that, there are better choices. Tech sector companies should be looking at opportunities in the Thames Valley. Consider the following benefits the Thames Valley area offers:

Cultural Opportunities – The Thames Valley is a culturally diverse region that gives companies access to an equally diverse pool of both customers and skilled workers.

Digital Infrastructure – Being in close proximity to London, the Thames Valley has all the critical digital infrastructure necessary to do business on an international scale. Between networking, digital, and voice communications, there are no worries by locating here.

Travel Access – Travelling throughout the EU from the Thames Valley is relatively easy and affordable. It is certainly a lot easier and more affordable than travelling from London.

Skilled Workers – The Thames Valley is home to a number of important universities that churn out graduates with the kinds of skills the tech sector needs. Major universities offer degrees in science, business, technology, and other critical sectors.

Access to Advisers – Tech sector companies need as much help as they can get in developing their businesses. Fortunately, the Thames Valley is rich in advisers of every sort. There is no need to go to London to get the help the tech sector business needs.

The Thames Valley offers great opportunities for tech sector companies looking to locate their headquarters. It is close enough to London to give adequate access to sales opportunities, but also independent enough to meet the unique needs of tech sector businesses.

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