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Technology Strategy Consultants Have New Roles Amid Brexit

By Chris Galley

Last June, the UK saw a day that many thought would never come as voters chose to leave the EU. Some seven months later, the May government delivered a letter to the European Parliament officially triggering Article 50. The events mean a lot of things to a lot of different people; they mean very significant things to the technology strategist.

As a tech strategist, I understand the profound nature of what we’re about to embark on. I’m also keenly aware of how Brexit could potentially impact the UK tech sector as a whole, and the tech hub in London in particular. But now is not the time to allow fear and uncertainty to dictate actions. Now is the time for technology strategy consultants to look for ways to overcome the challenges ahead so that the UK tech sector comes out even stronger than before.

Technology Strategy Consultants Responsibilities

Technology strategy consultants have a new role amid emerging Brexit talks. That role includes three responsibilities:

  • encouraging and supporting investors by helping them find great investment opportunities;
  • encouraging established tech companies to look for new opportunities for vertical growth; and
  • bringing investors and companies together on new projects that will keep us at the forefront of technology.

So Far, So Good

The Brexit vote and subsequent triggering of Article 50 have no doubt brought a certain amount of uncertainty to the entire country. London has been hit hardest due to its status as a European hub of international finance. Yet even as some sectors of the economy have struggled under the weight of uncertainty, technology has enjoyed modest growth. In 2016 alone, investors poured nearly £7 billion into UK tech firms by seizing on opportunities in retail, financial, and creative technologies.

It is incumbent on our industry to continue that vertical growth by seizing opportunities and working together to ensure that our ecosystem remains strong enough to withstand the pressures of Brexit. In that regard, there are two things technology strategy consultants should be pushing.

First is the need to make sure borders remain open for the tech sector workers who will be critical to our success. Tech sector companies, consultants, and even investors need to push the government hard to make sure we do not lose access to skilled workers from across Europe.

Second, we need to continue to be world leaders in determining the direction of the tech sector. One area just starting to emerge is artificial intelligence. The nearly unlimited potential of artificial intelligence could make it the biggest thing in technology since the commercial introduction of the internet. As a technology strategist, I want to encourage investors to seek out and support opportunities in this arena.

Brexit is reality. However, those of us in the tech sector don’t have to allow it to stifle our industry. We can continue to be world leaders in technology by facing challenges head-on and overcoming them with strategic decision-making, risk-taking, and old-fashioned hard work.

By Chris Galley.

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