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Surprising results from SME survey

By Lauren

In a recent survey carried out by SGBA (Southern Group Business Advisors) amongst SMEs in the South of England some surprising information was gleaned. Firstly over 65% were optimistic about their business and its potential to grow with 58% of respondents saying that access to finance and the lack of skilled personnel were inhibitors to growth.

When asked if, given appropriate support, would they consider exporting if they had not done so before, a surprising 67% said no. This is a key feature of the LEPs objectives -that is to increase exports. So from this survey they look like they will have an uphill, struggle to achieve this goal.

More than half of all respondents did not have a business plan, nor did they have an environmental policy or energy and waste reduction plan.

However interestingly the great majority stated that they would try to win business from the public sector (if they had not done so before) given appropriate support. This is a big change as previously many SMEs were unable to tackle this part of the market due to having a lack of skills in tendering and being rejected at pre qualification stage due to size and previous trading pattern.

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