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Now is the time for Entrpreneurs to ‘take over the world’.

By Bob Lewis-Basson

“The Government are not doing this…. They are not doing that”. “If only the banks would …… I think the bankers have caused all sorts of problems”

Whoa……. STOP ….. Is it not time WE, the dynamo’s behind trade got hold of the issues by the scruff of the neck?

Yes, we can make a difference.

Procrastination in business is rife. “We are waiting to see what happens to interest rates”… “When the market picks up we’ll go ahead”. ALL OF THESE ARE REASONS TO PROLONG ECONOMIC STAGNATION.

The future is in the hands of business leaders. Yes, we all know there are uncertain times, but positive action can help us all to recover.

I have heard some business leaders say “Now is not the time to expand our overseas activities”. By contrast others have said to me “There has never been a better time for us to take advantage of overseas opportunities”. Who do you think will be the winner here?

So let us embrace opportunity, encourage lateral thinking, and resurect those hunting skills!

So – why not talk to the SGBA about taking the initiative NOW?

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