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Global Brands Continue Showing Interest in London

By Peter Smith

London has always been one of the most unique places in the world to live, work, and play. It is also a target for global brands looking to get a foothold in the UK. Microsoft is one such brand, and their plans to take over vital space in London’s renowned Oxford Circus district demonstrates their commitment to having a strong retail presence here.

Microsoft is not alone in targeting London. A big part of the strategic business planning process is to look for new markets that have both short- and long-term potential for stimulating growth, brand awareness, and new opportunities. London measures up in every respect. Moreover, Oxford Circus is the place for any global brand looking to get a foot in the door in the English capital.

The Microsoft Deal

Details of Microsoft’s plans are limited while they work out final arrangements with the property’s owner, The Crown Estate. However, what we do know is very encouraging.

Microsoft plans to take over space currently occupied by United Colours of Benetton. That space would be at 255-259 Regent Street and is considered one of the prime units in that particular stretch of Oxford Circus. It is expected that the US technology giant responsible for the Windows operating system will sign a 10-year lease on the property.

Though the deal is not yet set in stone, it looks very likely that Microsoft will get the coveted space after failing to secure separate spacing they were previously interested in. It is well-known that Microsoft has been looking for a UK home for some time now, so they are probably very eager to get the Oxford Circus contract signed as quickly as possible.

Other global brands have recently established a presence in London as well, including Dyson and New Balance. All of them are hoping to get in on an expanding retail market that doesn’t seem a bit concerned about a future outside of the EU and all that implies.

We Are Open for Business

As a consultant heavily involved in strategic business planning, I can tell you that corporations and global brands are less worried about the future of the UK than many within our own borders. They understand that we are open for business and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

London and its surrounding area have constituted a global economic force to be reckoned with for generations. That continues to this day. Foreign companies looking to establish a presence in the UK should definitely have London on their list of possible markets. A London launch could very well end up as the most profitable strategic business planning decision company management ever makes.

If your company is looking to establish a presence in the UK, I highly recommend the Greater London area. I can assist you with a strategic business planning process that will help your organisation take advantage of all London has to offer. Reach out and let us talk.


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By Peter Smith.

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