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Commercial Property Consultant, Important Project Management

By John Parkinson

Your company has purchased a piece of land and is now in the midst of its very first building project. As you walk across the site, you see and hear the sights and sounds of construction all around you. Your heart races at the prospect of what your new headquarters will look like when all of this is done. And in the back of your mind, you are very appreciative of the commercial property consultant who will helped find a competent
project manager.

Project management is vital to the success of any commercial building project. The mechanics of construction are complicated enough on their own, but commercial construction involves so much more than erecting four walls with a few windows and doors. Commercial construction must account for everything from engineering to local planning regulations.

As a commercial property consultant, I also offer project management services. My staff and I can completely oversee every aspect of a commercial building project to ensure that everything is addressed to the highest possible standards. We coordinate the selection of contractors, oversee those contractors, ensure that all legal requirements are met, and work to keep construction costs within budget.

Mission-Critical Project Management

The term ‘mission critical’ is usually applied in the business world to describe various tasks and strategies that are essential to a company meeting its core objectives. The same term can be applied to project management for commercial construction projects. Sound project management is critical to the success of any construction project, regardless of size or scope.

Consider the following three issues that demonstrate just how critical sound project management is:

  • Regulatory Requirements – There is nowhere in the UK that you can build a commercial building without having to adhere to an extensive list of regulations. Our regulatory environment is one that is simultaneously complex and strict. It takes a knowledgeable project manager to ensure that regulations are being followed at all phases of the project. The project manager must also liaise with government officials and agencies.
  • Budgetary Constraints – How often do we hear of construction projects going over budget? Too often. It is expected that a commercial building project will involve costs not accounted for in the early stages of planning. Still, budgetary constraints dictate that the cost overruns be kept to a minimum. A good project manager is critical to this endeavour.
  • Time Constraints – Time is money. Therefore, making sure a project is completed on time is just as important as keeping the total cost of the project within budget. This is the one area in which effective project management is most visible. A good project manager stays on top of things so as to maintain scheduling.

A company can embark on a commercial construction project without much regard for the quality of the project manager hired to oversee things. Alternatively, a top-notch project manager with an outstanding reputation can be retained. Any commercial property consultant worth the advice being given will recommend the latter.

By John Parkinson.

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