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Are you making the most of the upsurge in Leasing?

By Lauren

Leasing is powering ahead in the funding marketplace. In 2013 43% of SMEs used leasing as a method of funding new plant and machinery, office equipment and cars, this increased to 51% in 2014.

The survey of 3,000 SMEs from Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Poland, and Sweden found that SMEs financed 19% of their total investment via leasing in 2013, more than any individual form of bank lending.  This figure showed the popularity of leasing among SMEs, as the leasing penetration rate for businesses of all sizes stood at 12% in 2013. SMEs focused on exporting and growth were found to rely on leasing to a greater extent than other firms. Exporting firms financed 20% of their investment via leasing, as opposed to 18% for non-exporters. Similar results were recorded for growth firms, with almost a quarter (24%) of their investment financed through leasing, significantly more than the 18% of non-growth SMEs.

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