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6 Good Reasons Why You Should Consider Exporting In Your Next Strategic Review

By Lauren

Quarter 4, planning the office party, trying to bring in orders before the second week of December. Oh…..and BREXIT and a General Election.


Right now, thinking about a strategic review and thinking about growing your business through exporting maybe about as much a priority as a choice between parsnips or sprouts. You feel like you’ve got enough on your plate.


But imagine selling your product or service to a whole new audience, imagine adding 10%, 20% to your bottom-line, imagine how it would feel to have a global brand.


When businesses go global not only can revenues rise, but there are a host of benefits that can accelerate your growth that you may not be aware of, not forgetting the impact upon potential exit values.


So is it really a good time to add ‘start exporting’ to your 2020 ‘wish-list?’

BBC News reported recently that despite US v CHINA and JAPAN v SOUTH KOREA trade disputes (and in the UK, the ‘B-word’) – global trade has grown at 3% this year. It’s a really good time to be exporting, and it’s getting better, easier, and less costly every year. It’s no longer just the big corporations and multi-nationals that are reaping the benefits.


Right now SME’s are having ‘their moment.‘ Having taken a ‘Dragons Den’ business into over 100 countries, and having helped to internationalise over 30 UK businesses through online, offline, global retail and distributor channels I know this to be true.


More agile than multi-nationals, able to customise and differentiate and flexible enough to work with shorter product life-cycles, this is becoming the best of times for SME’s and going global.


It’s all coming together despite what you might read in the news. Global demand for the UK’s innovative products, UK-branding and creativity, expertise in services, all supported by a new generation of trade-tech companies, trade-finance, insurance and shipping – you name it. It’s becoming as easy to work with customers in Berlin and Brisbane as it is to work with customers in Birmingham. 


So here are 6 good reasons why exporting can be good for your business, and why we believe there is no better time:

* 11% – SURVIVAL: Businesses that export are 11% more likely to survive

* 15% – SALARIES: Workers at ‘global’ co’s earn 15% more

* 30% – GROWTH: Exporters showed average business growth of 30% after exporting for only 2 years

* 78% – INNOVATION: 78% of business owners said exports led to fresh ideas and innovation

* 80% – BOTTOM LINE: 80% of businesses experienced a positive impact upon their bottom-line within 2 years

* 87% – PROFILE: 87% of exporters said exporting had significantly improved credibility or profile


So there are some reasons ‘WHY’ your business can benefit from exporting. If you would like to know ‘HOW,’ we have very significant experience in working with companies completely new to exporting, experienced exporters and even start-ups whose target customers are outside of the UK.


The process starts with a review of your business, product or service, and a check-list of becoming export-ready or scaling-up into new markets. We can assist with positioning, building awareness, market-selection and pricing. In many cases we may even be able to tap into our network of global partners, distributors or retailers.


Contact Gemma Clarke on 07598 888130 or to discuss the potential of exporting for your business.


Gemma Clarke specializes in international trade and global marketing and has launched brands and businesses into Europe, North America, Latin America, South-East Asia including China, and Australasia.
She has worked with global multi-nationals, SME’s, start-ups and laptop businesses, and also run brand, distribution and sales-agency businesses.

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