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Tom Elek

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With the prohibitive cost of litigation, many companies are reluctant to embark on a course of action which may end up in court and consequently miss the opportunity to pursue or to defend legitimate claims. Even when they do instruct solicitors, they often do so without carrying out a detailed risk assessment to enable them to understand the likely cost benefit of pursuing a claim. I can help companies consider all available options before deciding on a particular course of action.

With more than 40 years’ experience throughout the world, both as a practising solicitor and as a senior executive and shareholder in both private and public companies, I am well placed to understand and to provide support to other companies faced with a wide range of challenges, from commercial disputes to internal disagreements involving shareholders, directors and other employees.

I have also been involved with commercial disputes that have been successfully resolved through mediation and I am a qualified mediator.

Should a company decide to instruct lawyers, I can act as an interface between the solicitors and the company to ensure that costs are kept under control and that the commercial ramifications are kept under constant review. I should add that disputes can often be nipped in the bud with a carefully thought out letter spelling out the issues and this is again something with which I can assist.

I support companies to help them evaluate if they have a valid claim on their Business Interruption Insurance policy even if their insurers or brokers are telling them their cover is not valid in the Covid-19 pandemic.

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