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Roy McFarlane

  • South West
  • Operations
  • Strategy

I can help you business increase productivity and improve your team’s capability.

Clients come to me when they:

1- Need to increase productivity & reduce their operating costs.
2- Want to develop dynamic teams with effective team leaders.
3- Need to improve supply chain effectiveness.

I am a Chartered Engineer who is passionate about enabling profitability. My engineered solutions have helped companies improve their Productivity, Service, Quality, Costs and People.

With 25 years experience of helping SME’s to overcome complex challenges, my solutions deliver results quickly.

Applying a wide range of expertise like Electro-mechanical engineering, Process design, Lean Manufacturing techniques and Experience-Based training; I offer the best possible options for your success.

Using a methodical approach to; Define the root-cause of your problem,  Develop effective solutions and Deliver targeted results, I ensure that you are always in control.

Providing effective solutions quickly, creates the competitive advantage that you need to succeed.

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