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Linda Eziquiel

  • London and South East
  • Turnaround and Restructuring
  • Finance
  • Innovation & Technology

Linda assists UK businesses and their advising tax accountants to successfully claim R&D tax credits. She has deep knowledge of the UK Research and Development tax relief and tax credit schemes and is always open to answer qualification questions or conduct a free R&D review.

She has been a Director at RandDTax ( since 2012 when the company was established. Since then she has built a significant personal client portfolio covering companies drawn from across a wide range of sectors.

Her approach is hand-on, taking the strain off of the company directors, while also ensuring they make the best possible case and don’t miss out on claiming for less obvious R&D activities. She also works closely with her clients’ accountants and has testimonials from both satisfied clients and tax accountants.

Linda is based in London, which has been her home for many years, although she originates from a farming family in Dorset. Her earlier professional career included managing several London based, multi-million pound regeneration programs, leading performance management and strategy initiatives in public sector organisations and advising SMEs on business planning and procurement.

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