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John Parkinson

  • Thames Valley

Maybe your growth is being hampered by the size of your current location?

Is there a need to consolidate to become more efficient?

Have you got the time  and the expertise to solve your issues?

If not, we are experts who are on your side and will assist you in finding a solution.

We offer a wide range of services from site negotiation through to implementation.

Over 40 years in the property development and construction in UK and abroad.

I have had first hand experience in managing the difficulties and challenges of dealing with property. I owned and managed a construction and development company for 25 years and therefore have the experience to help clients through their property issues.

How we help

Commercial Property Relocation

Property relocation experts allow for smart expansion and growth.

Property negotiations / acquisition

Does your current property circumstances meet your needs? Can we take the time to resolve your challenges?

Local Authority Planning Process

Are you considering alterations, extensions or new build for your business? If so then we can help with the local authority planning approval process.

How we help

Commercial Property Relocation

Property relocation experts allow for smart expansion and growth.

Property negotiations / acquisition

Your business may have identified a need to change on the basis of your current lease terms, employment requirements, location, size ,design, budget and many other criteria. Your lack of time, availability and need to focus on your business, may mean that the problem is unable to be addressed as efficiently as you would require. As your adviser we will, with you, assess your needs and challenges. Having evaluated these we will advise and negotiate on your behalf in order to satisfactory solution .

Local Authority Planning Process

Achieving planning to meet your project requirements can be a complex and a challenging procedure.

Our aim is to manage this process for you whilst maintaining a close liason with you.

We will coordinate the large number of professions that are involved and communicate with the planning authoritative to ensure  that we satisfy their requirements.

We adopt a practical approach taking into account the budget requirements.

Your aspirations are always in the fore front of our management decisions.


You have identified that your current facility does not meet with your future plans and requires redeveloping or expanding or may be a new build is the solution. In order to help you to achieve that, a creative team is brought together that has a practical approach to design  to identify the the most cost effective solutions whilst still maintaining design flair. Our expertise and experience enables this to be achieved acting in your best interests.

Construction Process

We, on your behalf, project manage the construction process in order to achieve the planned building within the budget and time frame. We coordinate the selection of contractors followed by the tendering process. The selected contractor for the project would then be overseen by us, acting on your behalf, to ensure that the specified requirements are achieved.


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