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John Ogden

  • Midlands and East Anglia
  • People & Management (HR)
  • Strategy

An East Anglia-based experienced advisor and master of the 3 Ps – Planning, Problem-solving and People-leadership – across all sectors and scales of operation in order to deliver the other 2 Ps – improved Productivity and increased Profit.

After a leadership career in the military, latterly operating on the commercial side, John was seconded to the Department for International Trade supporting export opportunities for UK defence and security companies, before establishing himself as a successful business consultant. During this time at the DIT, he has worked with a wide variety of companies ranging from large multinationals to microenterprises, but his recent focus has been on helping local SMEs and their leaders to develop themselves and their businesses.

To do so he has drawn upon his extensive experience in strategic planning, operational management, organisational change, problem solving, leadership, and team building. His varied career challenges have given him a nose for trouble, an ability to see the wood for the trees, and the skill to develop practical solutions that people readily buy into that add real value.

If you are looking for improved Productivity and Profit through well-motivated People, Problems solved, and Planning smarter contact John.

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