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Iwona Lebiedowicz

  • Midlands and East Anglia
  • People & Management (HR)
  • Sales & Marketing

Iwona is a trilingual cross-cultural consultant and communications specialist with over 11-years of experience in assisting exporting SMEs with market entry and export communications.

Her team at PAB Languages delivers multilingual content services, including certified translation in over 200 languages, transcreation and localisation, serving global clients in their chosen markets.

Within UK Business Advisors she specialises in two main areas Linguistic Services and Multicultural Engagement.

Technical and Medical translation services/ 200 languages
Certified Translation services
Multilingual marketing services/ 30+ regions
Multilingual Copywriting/ 30+ regions
Cultural Awareness Training/ 30+ regions

Localisation and Translation services

Iwona by combining her business experience, language skills, academic knowledge, and multicultural awareness, helps clients achieve their goals and objectives in the UK and internationally.

Cross-cultural Coaching

In addition, to live training and group webinars, Iwona offers one-on-one coaching ideal for C-level executives, professionals relocating abroad for long-term assignments and spouses and children affected by a corporate relocation.

Multicultural Marketing and International Growth

Worked with numerous clients on their market entry strategies. Iwona helps brands to appeal to different groups directly and to reach a wider audience while making a better impression and influence them to engage with the brand.


Localisation and Translation services
Multicultural Marketing
International Communication
Cross-cultural Coaching
International Growth

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